November 27, 2010

Popchips Really Pop

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In 2009, we went to BlogHer Food and in the swag we brought back to our room we found bags of popchips! We had never tried them, we weren’t even sure we wanted to try them. We have had some bad healthified snack food experiences. But, we wanted a snack and with popchips! at hand, we ate them and fell in love.

In 2010, we had boundless excitement that popchips! was one of the sponsors for the cocktail party the first night. You see, our commissary does not carry popchips! We need to go to the regular supermarket for them. Now, that might not seem like a big deal to you, but in this house–HUGE. Sometimes the regular stores run out of popchips, and more than once I have returned from a trip to the supermarket with no popchips in hand. They show up more and more though. Look for popchips when you go to the supermarket. The popchips website even has a store locator just in case you are worried.

Everyone knows that all popchips essentially belong to Denise, so the rest of the family tends to stay away from them. It’s hard though

We love the Salt and Pepper popchips and the Sea Salt and Vinegar popchips especially.

We love them for the taste but they also have a number of pluses like: many fewer calories than your standard potato chip, no trans fats, low saturated fat, no preservatives and no cholesterol.

You can imagine our delight when after BlogHer Food 2010, I received an email asking if I was interested in a review. Of course! We received a box with various flavors of popchips and coupons–some of which we used and some of which we shared with others to spread the popchip love. So, yes, this post is sponsored, however every word is my own opinion.

We shared some of the samples with my mother even! She instantly fell in love too. Oh no…another popchip lover in the house. Allegedly you can cook with popchips…but ours have never made it into a recipe.

So, go get some. Enjoy. They do perk up your day and are a better snack choice during this season of overindulgence and year-round.