December 10, 2009

Cold? Have a Cup of Tassimo

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This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Tassimo.

When the Tassimo coffee system arrived, I wasn’t home. I immediately received a text-get home now-the Tassimo arrived! Needless to say, we sort of bounced about the Tassimo. Off and on for the past few years, we considered getting a single cup coffee maker. I like my coffee fresh. I like coffee drinks.

The main coffee consumer in the house prefers to make a pot and reheat it in the microwave. The over-sized cup a fixture in our lives-wouldn’t fit or didn’t appear to fit in most of the single cup coffee maker options. It will fit in the Tassimo-you can even adjust for extra tall travel mugs.

When company came over-we faced the “Do we make a fresh pot and dump out a half pot of coffee?” or the one I cringed at “offer to microwave them a cup” -question. Now, I can offer them a chai, a hot chocolate, a cup of coffee, or a specialty drink, and honestly say “No, no trouble at all.” Nice, on a cold winter day to not make someone feel like they are putting you out, when you offer them a warm drink.

I opened the Tassimo. I pondered the filter for the water-I have become spoiled and love the filtered fridge water. The machine was smaller than the box made it look. It tucks tidily next to my microwave and hardly eats any counter space…nice in our small kitchen.

I changed my morning routine to include a cup of coffee now that I could have a perfect, no mess cappuccino in less time than it takes to load my email. My family is glad that I won’t be spreading coffee grounds and spraying milk all over the kitchen. I have done this when we tried espresso machines in the past. The coffee grounds-a constant problem for me with a regular pot-not with the Tassimo.

We have a friend -cue my children saying: “You have friends?”; who needs computer help or just invites us over to visit from time to time. We love to visit her and she always makes a pot of coffee. She lives alone. I doubt she makes a pot of coffee, except when we come over or her family visits. I feel a bit guilty as she pours our coffee. I know she worked to put on a pot. I know she won’t be drinking it all day. I know she makes it because she knows we are coffee drinkers.

The Tassimo would be perfect for her cup of coffee from time to time, for visiting friends and family that drink coffee. We may just have to give her one or prod her daughters to give her one. I won’t re-gift mine though-you won’t be able to pry it away from us. We have already ordered refills. These are very cost efficient when you break it down by cup and consider the no waste, no mess, and no special dishes to wash part.

You can win one of your very own-you definitely want one-because it isn’t going to eat your counter space, force you to make a whole pot when you want just a cup or send you out in the cold to the coffee house when it is safer to stay at home. As a bonus, you will be able to offer each of your friends and family members whatever their favorite coffee drink might be-without stressing!

Warm beverages have a way of bringing people together at the holidays-and every day. To enter and win your OWN Tassimo Brewing system , leave me a comment below and share your drink order and your favorite person to share a cup or two of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

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